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Top 10 CarStory Market Report Tips and Tricks

Posted by CarStory on Dec 2, 2014 4:05:55 AM


Just a few short months ago we launched CarStory Market Reports. Since that time we’ve had over 3,000 dealers signup for the service. Needless to say the response has exceeded all our expectations. With CarStory Market Reports spreading faster than wildfire, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some best practices to ensure that auto dealers are maximizing the impact of our CarStory reports.


CarStory Search Results Integration Screen Shot1. Integrate the CarStory Market Report Button on Search Results Pages

Consumers are doing more research than ever before when it comes to buying their next car. By offering a market-based summary of your inventory, you are increasing your chances of engaging that customer and converting a web visit into a showroom appointment and eventually a sale.









vehicledescription_Top10CSMRUses2. Integrate the CarStory Market Report Button on Vehicle Detail Pages

Just like SRP, your vehicle details pages are a great place to integrate the CarStory Market Reports. Dealers that position the button near the price or the Carfax/Autocheck Vehicle History reports have seen the best results. By combining these two reports you have a complete vehicle picture – the past (vehicle history) and the present (market analysis).

3. Respond to 3rd Party Auto Sales Sites with Links

Respond to leads from third party sites (like AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Carfax and others) with a link to the CarStory Market Report. Most leads come into a dealer with a request for more information. One way to increase your chances of converting a lead to an appointment is to exceed their expectations. By sharing the Market Report you are giving them more than they requested and you can be confident that the report will always focus in on the positive elements of that vehicle, relative to the market.

4. Use CarStory Market Insights During Calls to Build Value

Not only can you quickly answer a consumer’s questions about each vehicle, more importantly you can share market insights that they can’t find anywhere else. This gives you tremendous credibility in the eyes of the customer by showing you know every aspect of the vehicle – from what consumers find most popular, when it is predicted to sell and the value that the vehicle’s features drive.

5. During Calls, Use CarStory Market Reports to Capture Contact Information

Whether you are trying to capture a consumer’s email or cell phone, you can use the Market Report to help. Simply say something along the lines of “I would like to send you a detailed market report about this vehicle, do you mind if I get your email or cell number so I can text you the information?”

6. Include CarStory Market Reports Over Email Correspondence

Regardless of the stage you’re in with a customer, you always want them focused on the value of a vehicle and to create a sense of urgency. By including the Market Report in all of your customer correspondence, you are offering a subtle reminder about both value and market demand. And remember, these are not static reports. As the market changes, these reports auto-update to represent the latest trends with supply or consumer demand.

7. Build the Ultimate Value Proposition for Every Vehicle on the Showroom Floor

It is becoming more and more common that the first time you hear from a consumer is when they walk in your doors. This is a great time to use the Market Reports. By focusing on the Market Insights, you can provide customers a vehicle summary and quickly start building value and more importantly a relationship.

8. Print Each Vehicle’s CarStory Market Report and Leave a Copy in the Glovebox

While consumers and dealers are all making the move to mobile, there is still value in a printing out the Market Report. By having a Market Report in each and every vehicle on your lot, you can ensure your sales consultants have all the vehicle information at the fingertips during a test drive or on lot discussion.

9. Text CarStory Market Reports

CarStory Market Reports want to be shared. We designed them to be fully responsive, so whether you are on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the report is going to look great. The next time you are talking with a customer on the showroom floor, ask if you can text them the Market Report, so they have all the vehicle insights handy on their phone. They will love it, trust you more and in the process you just started a text conversation with a future customer.

10. Feature Your Hottest Vehicles on Facebook and Twitter

Sharing doesn’t stop with email or text. Go ahead and post the Market Report to your dealer or personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Pull out the vehicles that are flagged “Will Sell Soon” and highlight a few of the most popular vehicle features in the post. This is a simple way to drive more awareness and leads for you and your dealership.

11. Bonus!

We put all of our best practices into one infographic which you can download here. Share it with your sales associates over social. It'll make it even easier to sell more cars and trucks at your dealership.

Did we miss any best practices? If so we would love to hear from you. Just post a message in the comments below. And if you haven’t signed up for CarStory Market Reports, just click here (did we mention it is 100% free?).

Remember that sending texts and emails to customers is regulated by various state and federal laws, so please make sure that when you send CarStory Marketing Reports (or any advertisements or correspondence to customers for that matter) that you are acting within the law and in accordance with your privacy policy and/or other terms with your customers.

Dealers, did you know? CarStory is the home of CarStory Market Reports.

CarStory Market Reports:
• are independent research
• merchandise every vehicle (including off-make)
• use local market data

CarStory’s goal is to:
• build consumer confidence and
• accelerate purchase decisions

CarStory’s proprietary database of supply and demand insights is the largest in the automotive industry. If you haven’t already signed up for our free CarStory Market Reports do it today.

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