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MLM Sales Tactics Used at Car Dealerships

Posted by CarStory on Jul 17, 2013 12:21:23 PM


I was talking to my friend Joe this morning about selling and recruiting with basic multi-level marketing (or MLM) sales tactics (I know, I know…we can be pretty damn exciting right?)….and some how got to talking about the new 5 Series BMW that he had bought a couple of weeks ago. He was telling me how he and his wife walked into the dealership, not being really serious about making a decision that night but ended up driving away in their new car anyway. He said, “I had no intention of buying but that salesman was REALLY GOOD.” Which made me think about how the salesman did it and how it related to MLM sales and recruiting.

MLM Sales Tactics: Opening Questions

Joe said that his car salesman asked so many questions that Joe though he was being interviewed for a job. Joe and his wife didn’t mind though because they knew that the salesman was just gathering enough info to figure out if he had the correct car for them.

Selling cars with ease isn’t so much about persuasion, manipulation or charm, like most people would be led to believe. It is really about figuring out what that person wants and directing them to what they need. The buyer will in turn – sell themselves.

MLM Sales Tactics: Saying “Hi” to the Sales Manager

Joe went on to say that while they were looking over some of the cars that the salesman thought would be a good fit, he quickly placed a call to the Manager of the dealership and asked him to come over and meet them.

“The Manager has the ability to give you the best deals on the cars we are looking at, so lets bring him over.” the salesman said

Sound like a “3 way call?” It’s like bringing in the big guns to try to close the deal.

This works because, firstly, you have multiple people telling you the same thing but offering it up in a different perspective.

And, secondly, now you are talking to the person in a position of authority.

If you aren’t doing 3-way calls or using a second party to help you close your prospect and sales – you are leaving some serious money on the hypothetical car sales table.

MLM Sales Tactics: Using Your Mind’s Eye

This one is one of my favorites.

Think of the color blue. You did right?

Think of a cow. Again…you couldn’t help yourself.

Jump rope, palm tree, car door, burnt pancake. You saw each of these in your head.

This is what the salesman did for Joe. He asked what Joe’s wife’s favorite color was. Her favorite color is green so the salesman grabbed a couple of pictures of green cars and showed them to her.

He told her: “See yourself at the beach with this green 5 Series Convertible, with the wind in your hair and the smell of the ocean.” He went on but you get the picture. Literally, you had to envision the picture. He now has her envisioning herself already owning that car.

Once she saw herself in it then half of the battle was already over because in your head you already own it. It has become real for you.

MLM Sales Tactics: Test Closing the Car Sale

“Can you see yourself driving this home? How soon would you like it? Are you ready to drive it home?” These are all questions to see where the potential buyer is at

Notice how none of them just straight out said “Would you like to buy it?”

If they did and you said “no” then the conversation is over and anything after that would seem desperate and pushy.

This is actually where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong because they won’t even go to a test close.

In fact, they never ASK for the sale or for that prospect to join their business.

If you don’t ask for it, then how the hell do you expect to get what you want out of the interaction?

If you have never used MLM sales tactics like the test close then you need to checkout how Mike Dillard has used them to close hundreds of people in his Black Belt Recruiting series.

MLM Sales Tactics: Fear of Loss

The fear of loss is one of the more powerful MLM sales tactics.

Think about it for a second – when you are told that you only had 2 days before that deal, or special event, or limited time offer was going to expire, it creates a sense of urgency in you to make a decision.

You don’t want to miss out. It is a natural reaction.

The salesman told Joe that he could only hold onto that car for 3 days at the price that he gave to Joe and his wife. He told them that it was the last green 5 Series that he had left on the lot and another couple was coming back in for a second look the next day.

That fear of not getting an awesome deal that may never see again is always tough to walk away from.

Until you realize that this happens nearly every month.

Use these MLM Sales Tactics Responsibly

Be responsible when you use some of these MLM car sales techniques.

If you are looking for actual scripts that you can use during prospecting and closing then I would recommend you check out Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Secrets where he not only gives you the scripts he has used over the last 17 years to earn over 7 figures but he includes audio so that you can see when and where he uses inflection points.

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