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Market Reports: Dodge Challenger Infographic

Posted by CarStory on Jan 23, 2015 7:56:38 AM


What has 707 horsepower, 650 lb-ft of torque and an exhaust note that could drown out a Metallica concert? The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Though the Hellcat is most powerful muscle car ever, it isn’t the first Challenger to make girls in short skirts – and guys with long mullets – swoon. The first Challenger rumbled off the assembly line way back in 1969.

3rd Generation Dodge Challenger

Fast forward to 2008 when our story really begins – with the introduction of the third generation (2008 – present) Dodge Challenger. The new Challenger was a rip-roaring throwback to the famous Dodge muscle car of yore, and of course, it was available with a HEMI V-8. Reintroducing the Challenger to its roots brought a lot of attention to the name plate – and a lot of sales.

Dodge Challenger Retail Trends and Data

By analyzing our proprietary database of supply and demand information – the largest in the automotive industry, CarStory has been able to gain some insight on late model Challenger retail trends. A total of 720 third generation Challengers were found for sale throughout the internet. These new era muscle cars hold their value – CarStory found the average price to be $24,640 with 28,063 miles on the odometer. And they’re desirable too, with a demand of 12.5%.

dodge challenger infographic

The production year with the least examples for sale was the inaugural year, 2008. There were only 8 of these cars for sale with an average price of $29,449, 11,200 mile and a demand of 2.9%. There were 20 examples of the current model year Challenger for sale. These hot rods scored an average price of $30,880, with only 104 miles and a demand of 5.6%.

In an era where manufacturers are scrambling to release condensed, four-cylinder cans on wheels, it’s reassuring to know cars like the Dodge Challenger exist – driver’s cars that focus more on horsepower per cubic inch than miles per gallon. After all, burning through a gallon of gas between stop lights while rocking out to White Snake is therapeutic – and it might even make you think about growing back that mullet.

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