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DealerRefresh: CarStory Free Car Market Reports Help You Sell More Cars

Posted by CarStory on Nov 7, 2014 2:45:39 AM

Widget_CarStoryVDP_20140924-650x450.pngCarStory Interview with John Price on DealerRefresh

Jeff Kershner of DealerRefresh recently interviewed our very own John Price of CarStory. Read on to find out more about how we're changing automotive shopping with our CarStory Market Reports.

CarStory Market Reports Help You Sell More Cars

Jeff Tell me more about this new product you are launching.

Over the last few years we’ve learned so much about the automotive shopping experience from CarStory. One key insight has been just how important supply and demand is when it comes to consumers deciding when it’s time to visit a dealership.

It was this insight that led us to create CarStory Market Reports. These reports provide information about each vehicle’s value based on supply, demand, and market data, showing consumers what is special about a particular vehicle as it compares to what else is out there – while offering dealers a way to differentiate themselves, build confidence and accelerate sales. And my favorite part about it is that we’re able to offer these Market Reports free to dealers who sign up by the end of this year.

CarStory Market Report

Jeff – Why launch this product now?

Much like the CarStory Market Reports themselves, that answer has a whole lot to do with supply and demand as well. Consumers now consult as many as 24 sources before entering a dealership. In that many visits, they aren’t just learning about the cars – they are hungry for synthesized market data.

Now that CarStory powers more than 300 used car marketplaces – over 100 million used car searches a month – and has made some huge breakthroughs in big data analytics, we understand the information that converts a specific lead into a sale for any given car. We know each car’s story, and we know how to make that story matter to both dealers and consumers.

Head on over to DealerRefresh to read the rest of the CarStory interview.

Dealers, did you know? CarStory is the home of CarStory Market Reports.

CarStory Market Reports:
• are independent research
• merchandise every vehicle (including off-make)
• use local market data

CarStory’s goal is to:
• build consumer confidence and
• accelerate purchase decisions

CarStory’s proprietary database of supply and demand insights is the largest in the automotive industry. If you haven’t already signed up for our free CarStory Market Reports do it today.

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