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New Report: Top Three Best Deals on Used Vehicles in 20 US Cities for December, Average Savings $3,039

Posted by CarStory on Dec 16, 2015 9:08:00 AM Used Vehicle Deal Alert is dominated by Mercedes-Benz and Jeep; report analyzes nearly four million used vehicle listings; biggest cash savings are in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta and Dallas/Fort Worth -- just in time for the holidays

Austin, TX, December 16, 2015 – CarStory today released its Used Vehicle Deal Alert which lists money-saving deals on vehicles from luxury (Mercedes-Benz S) to affordable (Nissan Versa), available across the US, just in time for the holidays. Revealing an average savings of $3,039, or 17% per vehicle, the report outlines the top three best used car deals in 20 select U.S. cities for the month of December.

The Deal Alert shows savings as high as $7,938 on the Mercedes-Benz S in Philadelphia, but also substantial savings on less pricey vehicles, such as an over $2,000 savings on Kia Optimas in Pittsburgh. Los Angeles had the biggest savings on a percentage basis, while San Francisco saved the most dollars overall. But the West doesn’t completely dominate: Philadelphia had the second highest average cash savings, while Atlanta came in fourth, with the Chevrolet Sonic offering Atlanta’s best discount on a percentage basis (20.6%).

The report also looks at the used vehicles consumers are most interested in (regardless of price), based on the volume of searches across an inventory of over four million used vehicles, with the ever popular Ford F-150 topping the list.

“With so much information out there, finding the best deals on used cars can be challenging for consumers. Our CarStory Deal Alerts analyze millions of pieces of pricing data to help consumers cut through the digital noise and save dollars this holiday season, while also giving them a snapshot of what other consumers are searching for,” said Chad Bockius, CMO of CarStory. “There is something out there for everyone, from Kia to Jeep to Lexus!”

Here’s a rundown of some of the best deals:

Top Three Deals Nationwide 
Los Angeles – Toyota Prius21.6% savings 
Phoenix, AZ – BMW 5 Series 21.4% savings 
Los Angeles – Mercedes-Benz C 21.2% savings

Top Five Cities for Savings (by dollars) 
1. San Francisco – average savings $4,382 
2. Philadelphia – average savings $4,365 
3. Phoenix – average savings $3,442 
4. Atlanta – average savings $3,385 
5. Dallas/Fort Worth – average savings $3,377

Top Five Brands for Savings 
Some brands were discounted across multiple DMAs and were listed at Top Three Best Deals in cities around the country. 
Mercedes – 13 cities 
Jeep – 11 cities 
Nissan – 6 cities 
Chevrolet – 4 cities 
Lexus – 4 cities

The Top Five Most Popular Used Vehicles* 
Ford F-150 
Jeep Wrangler 
Ford Mustang 
Cadillac Escalade 
Audi A4

The full list can be downloaded here.

Best Deals are calculated by comparing the advertised price to CarStory’s predicted price on four million used vehicle listings--which considers year, mileage, trim, and features. Using patented technology, CarStory then evaluates how each used vehicle varies in price with other similar vehicles in the local area.

*Based on online searches by make and model.

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