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AutoCorner Integrates CarStory Market Reports into Auto Dealer Websites

Posted by CarStory on Feb 24, 2015 7:26:52 AM


Partnership means over 1,000 independent dealers will benefit from CarStory’s unique reports, which are designed to build consumer confidence in used car purchasing process and to help dealers better engage customers online and on the lot

Austin, Texas - February 24, 2015 – CarStory, the industry’s largest provider of crowdsourced data and analytics on used vehicle pricing and preferences, today announced that it has partnered with AutoCorner, a leading website provider for independent dealerships. The partnership integrates CarStory Market Reports, a free merchandising tool and lead source, into the nearly 1,000 dealer websites AutoCorner builds and hosts.

CarStory Market Reports uncover unique insights from a combination of more than four million real-time used vehicle listings and crowdsourced data from over eight million searches a week that help move consumers from online shoppers to on-the-lot buyers. Powered by Vast, the industry-leading big data platform for more than 300 automotive marketplaces, the reports give car buyers the present-day “story” of a vehicle – educating them on the features most valued by other consumers and validating pricing with real-time market data. The reports also serve as a powerful customer engagement tool for dealership sales personnel, providing a virtual walk around of every vehicle on the lot. With multiple pre-owned models, makes and years for sale at each dealership, the reports help ensure that each salesperson has the important details on the vehicle he/she is showing, which, in turn, can help them convert.

“CarStory Market Reports build consumer confidence in vehicle purchases which, in turn, accelerates buying decisions – a real win for our dealers,” said Albert Dewey, Co-founder of AutoCorner LLC. “We are pleased to be one of the first website providers to give auto dealers a direct feed of CarStory Market Reports. Not only is this a free added benefit, but the integration is seamless – no extra time or work is required.”

In addition to critical pricing data, CarStory Market Reports highlight important vehicle information for both salesperson and consumer, such as the number of owners the vehicle has had, if it has low mileage relative to others on the market, whether or not the car is likely to sell quickly, as well as the features and packages that people find most interesting and valuable - something consumers can use to determine if the car will have a high resale value. And this is information consumers say they want. In a recent survey conducted by CarStory, 73% of consumers said they want to better understand the value of the vehicle they are considering and 59% want to understand its pricing relative to similar models.

“Until now, consumers only had access to a vehicle’s past history and pricing, but CarStory gives them a real-time and more relevant view of that used vehicle. This means less shopping time for consumers and, because they come to a quicker purchase decision, a more rapid sales process for the dealer,” said Chad Bockius, Chief Marketing Officer of CarStory. “AutoCorner dealers should see an immediate benefit from the integration of CarStory Market Reports due to the increased consumer engagement they drive – online shoppers typically spend over three minutes on a Market Report – which ultimately leads to an increase in both leads and sales.”

“CarStory’s independent reports uniquely merchandise every used vehicle on my lot – without any extra work from me,” Abdul Rahimi, owner of Carmart VA, Inc. in Stafford, VA. “The showcasing of the most in-demand features, combined with the virtual walk-around, quickly educates both the customers and my sales team about the value of the vehicle.”

In addition to providing all AutoCorner dealers with CarStory Market Reports, the company is also adding the reports to their newly launched used car marketplace (, a site that has been designed to make searching for a used vehicle intuitive and easy. The website is available in both English and Spanish to better serve the growing Hispanic car-buying market in the US.


About CarStory
CarStory is the industry’s largest provider of crowdsourced data and analytics on used vehicle pricing and preferences. CarStory Market Reports synthesize over four million real-time used vehicle listings with crowdsourced data from over eight million searches a week to produce unique insights that help move consumers from online shoppers to on-the-lot buyers. By uncovering facts, features and competitive differentiators that make each vehicle unique in any given market, CarStory offers dealers and consumers the confidence they need to condense the sales process and walk away happy. Learn more at

About Vast
Vast is the premier provider of big data solutions for life’s biggest purchases. Vast’s industry-leading big data platform and applications are currently in use at many of the largest automotive, real estate and travel businesses in the world. Vast serves Global 1,000 companies, including AOL and Southwest Airlines, and powers more than 300 automotive marketplaces. Learn more at

About AutoCorner
AutoCorner is a turnkey website system for used car dealers that seamlessly integrates with third-party data sources, services and online destinations, providing the dealer an easy-to-use back-end system to manage vehicle inventory, customer leads and more. For the car buying public, AutoCorner powered websites provide a user friendly experience, are lightning fast to load, and offer the best SEO of any system available today. For only $99 a month, the Auto Corner system is not only a great value, but outperforms other systems costing thousands more. Learn more at

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